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Welcome to Lakeside Grooming

Dedicated to the health and happiness of your pets for over 30 years.

Open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
(by appointment only)

Call 364-DOGS(3647) or Email

Conveniently located on Crystal Lake in Gilmanton IW, NH
(9 Lakewood Drive, GIW NH 03837)

My new gang... LUDO, Halo, and Caymus
Forever missing Frankie, but these guys keep us on our toes. Love them crazy much!

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There are several stairs leading to the dog shop.

If you and/or your dog are seniors (or you simply don't want to manipulate stairs),
I will happily meet you at the top (by the mailbox). It is my pleasure,
simply call me the morning of your appointment. Thank you!

603-364-DOGS (3647)