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Caring for your Dog at Home

All dogs, no matter what breed, should be brushed regularly.  This helps stimulate the coat, producing healthier fur and skin.  And as an added bonus, it will help control shedding, and get them used to brushing. Consult your groomer or vet for the right grooming tools to use at home.

Home Grooming Guidelines
(recommended for long-ish fur)

1)  Always be sure to brush your dogs coat out thoroughly before bathing

2)  When your dog gets wet (from rain, swimming, snow, bath) never rub their coat dry, simply squeeze water out of fur in sections with towel

3)  If you need to wash your dog at home always wash fur in a downward motion going with flow of the coat (especially important with long haired breeds - maltese, lasa, terriers, etc)

4)  After bathing use conditioner.  Any good moisturizing detangling people conditioner is fine, leave on 5 minutes and rinse (downward) thoroughly

5)  Put your pet on a high surface (if feasible) when grooming at home a table covered with a towel, picnic table, washing machine, etc Its easier on you and your back, you'll have your dogs attention and respect, and it will take less time. Plus, you are at a better level to see what you are working on. Try to keep your dog standing during grooming as well. You cant reach all the surfaces successfully if the dog is sitting or lying down.

6)  When brushing always do small sections at a time, long brush strokes don't work efficiently on any coats.  After brushing, test the area with comb to be sure you got all the mats out.

Finally, never bathe your dog without thoroughly brushing (de-matting in most cases) their fur first!  If you do not comb it out, you could cause more knots and irritate their skin.

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