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Helpful Tips and Fun Facts

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Love your Dog's fur - what to do with it after grooming!

I have had a few customers ask me to save their dog's fur to be spun into yarn.  It is a very interesting idea.  And now I have found a contact who spins it, and might be willing to also knit something for you using the fur.  Here is the link to the website:

Staining (on fur) - How to Make it Go Away!

I know how much it bothers many of you - the reddish-brown saliva staining on your dog's fur!  Usually residing on feet and under eyes, around mouth, from licking and tearing.  What usually causes this?  DYES IN THE DOG FOOD!  I have finally found one that doesn't seem to stain... honest!  Give it a try... Nature's Recipe - vegetarian version is what I have witnessed - available at pet supply stores, i.e. PetCo, Laconia Pet Shop, etc...

Clean Teeth - Want a Cleaner Mouth on Your Dog?

I learned a new way to keep your dog's teeth and mouth cleaner! No kidding...  This is great.  You don't have to struggle brushing their  teeth daily, or put them under anesthesia for a cleaning. Take a cotton ball, dip it into Hydrogen Peroxide and rub the cotton ball on your dogs teeth. Do not put too much on it so your dog swallows it, it does induces vomiting. Use just enough to wet the teeth, making them fizz. Believe it or not, the hydrogen peroxide eats bacteria that causes tartar. You will help your dog fight bad breathe and help them keep their teeth clean and healthy.  Great news, hu?

Shedding?  No Magic Cure...

But there are ways to keep it under control. First, brush your dog regularly -at least once a week- with a slicker brush (curved wire bristles), or a de-shedding loop, or even the Furminator. This will help remove the dead hair before it gets all over your house.  Plus, you should have your dog professionally groomed regularly, you wont believe the the difference it makes!

Having a baby?  Help the Dog Adapt...

Pets (especially dogs) are very sensitive to changes in their household. And babies are a BIG change! The best way to introduce your dog to the baby is to have someone bring something home from the hospital after delivery. This item needs to be something the baby has been around (hat, blanket, etc). This will give your dog a chance to get used to (and familiar with) the new smell of the baby before you bring it into the house.  This way, when you walk in with your bundle of joy your dog will be already familiar with the baby. He'll still be curious, but it wont be as shocking.

Remember too, during the pregnancy, don't push your dog away. They sense the changes and need to be reassured everything is OK.

And, after bringing the baby home, don't isolate your dog, ignore him, leave him outside... They are a part of the family and need to know you still love them!

Spaying and Neutering - Fact and myths

Spaying and neutering helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives. Spaying and neutering can eliminate or reduce the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult or expensive to treat.  >>more<<

Puppy Mills - What you should know

Although it's hard to resist that puppy in the pet store window, you should walk right past the shop and right to your nearest animal shelter. Buying dogs from pet stores supports mass dog-breeding operations known as puppy mills. Learn what you can do to close down this cruel industry. >>more<<

Pet Allergies - What you can do

For many, the benefits of animal companionship outweigh the drawbacks of pet allergies.  Shaving your pet down helps family members with allergies or even professional bathing has some rewards.  Anything that helps remove or limit the animal's dander.  Also, following these guidelines can help you coexist with your pet, even if you have allergies. >>more<<