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Experience makes the Difference

Being both the owner and operator, I am and will be the only one grooming your dog - bathing too! You are guaranteed consistent quality with each and every visit.

What 25 years experience means to you...

Knowledge... Knowledge In...

Animal Behavior

Having been working with animals my entire adult life, I know how to handle them. I provide a stress-free environment. I know how to put them at ease, calm them, and make sure they are comfortable. There is simple behavior I display to make them feel safe and to establish a bond with mutual trust.  No matter how sweet, nervous, high-strung, or gentle your pet may be, they are in good hands at Lakeside Grooming.

Medical Conditions

I have seen them all!  And boy do I mean them all!! From bad hips, arthritis, lumps and bumps, skin issues (I elaborate further down), right through to hip replacements, metal plates and pins, missing legs, etc...

To ensure all dogs safety and protection, they are never allowed to do any jumping or left alone. Each dog is handled with tender loving care. I accommodate their needs to ensure they are comfortable and pain-free. To ensure your dog experiences no discomfort, I know how to position them properly and handle them accordingly. 

Skin Issues

There are so many, I don't know where to begin. (and I wont bore or disgust you) But I can assure you I have a solution to help alleviate and ease any skin condition. Ensuring your pet leaves feeling less irritated, healthy and happy.

De-matting, brushing, combing (Fur Care)

I am meticulous in everything I do. And the most important piece to grooming all pets is the brushing and caring of their coat. No clip or bath will come out right if the fur is not properly groomed. I will always completely remove all undercoat and mats. I will never wash-in your dog's mats because it is easier. (which is something I have seen done all too often by owners and other groomers!)  Leaving knots or undercoat in your dog's coat can result in many health problems, from serious skin conditions and scratching to overheating!

Every Breed's Particular Clip

Like any profession, time and experience perfect your skill. I have had the opportunity to groom each individual breed several hundred times over the past 25 years.  I know each specific clip intimately. Your dog will leave Lakeside Grooming looking exactly as it is supposed to.  But should you prefer a different clip than your breed's standard clip, I am flexible enough to happily fulfill your request.

Grooming Tools

Having been in the industry so long I have seen what products work well and which ones don't! I only invest in the best products on the market - from cages, to driers, scissors, clippers, de-matt rakes, brushes, etc...  By taking your dog to Lakeside Grooming you are treating them to the best!

Shampoo & Conditioners

As with any industry, I get solicited to buy and try everything and anything. And having been at this for so long, we have tried them all.  I only use quality shampoos and conditioners that I truly trust. I do not deviate from these products to ensure there are no surprises (or irritation) for you and your pet.  I am not promising your dog won't have a reaction (though chances are very slim) to something I might use, but I do ensure we can quickly correct it. 

Sanitation and Cleanliness

I think this is very very important for the safety of your pet and for my sanity.  I can't take the smell of kennels, dirty dogs, loose fur, anything... I clean up between each dog and I know how to thoroughly sanitize the shop once everyone goes home. Nothing survives through my cleaning ritual - no smells, no bugs, no dirt, no nothing!

And finally... with 25 years you are guaranteed...

Commitment with Stability

The decision to open my own salon was not an easy one. The investment was large - from construction straight through to grooming tools and supplies. Plus I opened in unfamiliar territory and left my stable clientele for the unknown.  In order to do this I had to completely start from scratch.  New shop... New customers... New space...

With that said, I am here to stay!  I knew what I was getting into, and I am not going anywhere! I love what I do and am completely committed to my business, and my clientele (both dog and human).

603-364-DOGS (3647)