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Specific Dog Grooming Services

Every dog visiting Lakeside Grooming will enjoy:

bullet a 15 minute brush-out (unless more is required)
bulletstandard clip (unless otherwise discussed)
bulleta meticulous oatmeal bath
bullet (yes, we even do anal glands)
bulletan deep coat conditioner
bulletthorough blow dry
bulletnail clipping
bullet ears cleaned / hair plucked
bulletplus, a bandana to proudly wear home!

The average price of grooming is $50, this does depend on your pet's specific breed and the condition of his coat. (get a quote) Obviously, a Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Collie, etc base price is higher... the larger the dog, the more fur, the higher the cost... Beagles, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, etc, cost less!

Additional Charges

An hourly rate of $60- is charged for additional services that might occur due to additional time spent on your pet.  You only pay for time used. These services include:

  • De-matting (removal of undercoat, dead fur, mats, knots)
  • Shave-downs (depending on time used and coat condition)
  • De-skunking ($5- small / $10- large) Though I do recommend you doing this at home with "Natures Miracle"

I generally try to forewarn you of any additional charges when you drop your dog off or book your appointment. If any of these services are required (and were not previously discussed) I will call you during the day to let you know... Thank you!

603-364-DOGS (3647)