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About Lakeside Grooming

Hello, my name is Audrey and I am the owner/operator of Lakeside Grooming.  This is me with my 5 year old golden, Nike. 

Prior to opening Lakeside Grooming, I managed a well-known, reputable salon in Massachusetts.  I worked there for over 20 years, and absolutely loved it!  I started washing dogs at the early age of 12, and after many intense years of one-on-one, private grooming lessons with the owner, I became an all-breed professional groomer myself. 

(Thank you Pam for everything. It was definitely hard work, but we had a lot fun, and it was very well worth it!  I am forever grateful. Thank You, Always!)

After moving to the Lakes Region, I had to choose between commuting over 2 hours a day to MA, or starting something new. Well, I tried commuting for a while, but that got old quick!

So, here I am...

I made the decision to open my own salon right here in NH! I specialize in all breeds, including cats. There is no dog too big or too small, I love them all! I will take exceptional care of your loved one.

Extra Info...

I also hold a BS in Marketing from Bentley College. If I didn't mention that, Mom and Dad would never forgive me!  I must thank them both for all their support and encouragement throughout the years. They made me realize I can accomplish anything I set my mind on. A little determination and hard work goes a long way. Thanks Mom & Dad!

603-364-DOGS (3647)