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LUDO - Our Newest Bordeaux Mastiff

This is LUDO...

Any David Bowie fans out there?  Ludo was the mythical creature who called rocks in the movie Labyrinth. Hopefully Ludo can summon more rocks to our property - we love rocks!

Anyway, Ludo is male, got him at 13 weeks old in October 09.  He has been great.  He loves to hang on Frankie's neck with his little shark teeth, and he will chew anything he can reach.  He knows "NO" so I am pretty lucky there.  Ludo stays clear of NIKE, she set him straight within the first 24 hours...

Update: Well it is Spring and Lu is HUGE. He now weighs over 120LBs (it's June). He still adores his big sister Frankie (so very much), though he is now way bigger than she is... 

OK, remember this little guy... peering over the couch, or through the dog shop door...

He can now Step Over the Dog Shop Door if he Really Wanted Too...
Good thing he is a very good, sweet, loving boy...

Ludo in Little...  before 2010...

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