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FRANKIE - Our Bordeaux Mastiff

MY FRANKIE... my companion guardian doppelganger friend

We love every dog who enters our home and shares their lives and love with us. But sometimes, one touches us even more. That was Frankie. She was odd, special, so beautiful and unique, forever my best friend. I miss her everyday. I'll miss her forever.

She has been a wonderful additional to our family.  We adopted her at one year old in October 09... She left us October 17, 2016.   She is respecting NIKE, and playing well with us and the ball. She LOVES Ludo (her brother).  He has helped her come out of her shell beautifully...

We needed more "Gargoyles"... LOVE THEM!

Now it is Spring and Frankie is completely forgetting she is shy... and she is in love with chipmunks and squirrels, she can stay outside all day "playing" with them...

Frankie today... Spring 2010... She owns this place...

When we first got her in Fall 09...

(so cute, yes?)  :)

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